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Keeping up with industry changes is a never-ending task. You can trust our blog to bring you insightful articles on relevant, timely topics to help you stay on top of the latest trends and news. See what your peers have been reading about! Here are the five most-read blogs from this year:

How mobile delivery helps the labor shortage
With an aging work force and freight demand both on the rise, the shortage of drivers could be as high as  160,000 by 2031. Whether it’s missing drivers or team members who have moved on, it’s becoming more difficult to get medical supplies and services delivered. Read our blog to find out why you should be taking advantage of mobile delivery.

3 critical technology proficiencies to transform your traditional resupply program for a rapidly changing market
Now that more and more patients require resupplies for more than just sleep therapy, managing the process is becoming more complex. Find out how you can evaluate your workflows, technology and patient outreach to adapt to this changing environment.

5 things to know about Humana’s DME network—starting with October 1 deadline
The pandemic spurred providers to change the payor guidelines the help give home-based patients a better quality of life, including major organizations like Humana. Learn the five most important facts you should know about these changes.

How paperless workflows improve patient satisfaction
The shift to digital processes in today’s home healthcare marketplace is being driven by patients’ expectations of having easily accessible digital tools for communication, documentation and ordering. If your delivery driver shows up with a pile of paperwork, it can leave a bad impression. Learn how paperless delivery can keep patients satisfied and boost your HME or pharmacy business.

Using data to maximize your resupply business
It’s now possible to combine your patient data with a zero-touch resupply system. Find out how unlocking your data can open new opportunities for your business by increasing patient satisfaction, reducing operational costs and improving your bottom line. Be sure to check our blog frequently for more great posts and timely topics in 2024.

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Listening to feedback from the field: Impressions from NHIA

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gathering with industry peers always sheds light on the needs and challenges you face every day. At this year’s NHIA conference, we heard about continuing need for streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration, all to help grapple with ongoing staff shortages.

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