Reading Time: 4 minutes When HME providers want to grow their business, many think beyond just serving more patients. They find additional lines of therapy that can help them not only add patients, but also offer existing patients more treatment options. Successfully adding a new product category takes research and planning. We’ll outline five phases of the process that […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Explore how a live call program can strengthen your business by streamlining processes, enhancing patient satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gathering with industry peers always sheds light on the needs and challenges you face every day. At this year’s NHIA conference, we heard about continuing need for streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration, all to help grapple with ongoing staff shortages.

Reading Time: 4 minutes An effective live call program can deliver insights into your patients that otherwise might not be available. But setting up a program is a big commitment. Find out how Brightree can help you reap the benefits of a robust live call program that can keep your business healthy.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Research we conducted last year shows that 99% of referring providers in acute and ambulatory hospital settings, as well as physician offices, prefer to work with post-acute partners with whom they can interoperate effectively.

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you give your customers time to articulate their experiences and challenges more fully, it helps them feel heard and understood, rather than pressured. And this in turn helps foster better relationships, which are crucial for keeping your business healthy and growing.

Reading Time: 3 minutes After decades working for a home infusion agency as a general manager and as a support team leader, John Mathis understands the unique challenges your agency faces every day, as well as the importance of building relationships to run a successful business. Find out how he uses that in-depth experience in his role as a customer success manager for Brightree.

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