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As we wrap up 2023, we’re taking a look back at the blog posts that you and your peers found the most interesting over the past year. From CMS updates to pharmacy implementation outcomes, Brightree helps keep you up to date with relevant industry information. Here are the year’s five most-read blogs:

CMS update: July 1 billing for waste changes for home infusion providers now optional
After CMS realized that providers were not billing for waste of single-dose vials, they proposed a waste regulation mandate for single-use drugs that would have created a significant administrative burden. However, the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) advocated for a streamlined approached, CMS changed the mandate so this reporting is optional.

Chris Lieu knows your daily workflow—and that’s a good thing Because he’s worked as a pharmacist, Chris Lieu brings a perspective to his work with Brightree that helps him and his team deliver the optimal user experience. Read the blog to find out how he puts his extensive pharmacy background to work for you.

NHIA recap: Automation is everything
After attending the NHIA’s annual conference, Chris Lieu shared observations on industry trends and what they mean for your organization. From expectations for new technology to automating the patient experience and focusing on a user-friendly e-commerce workflow, his perspectives can help position you to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

6 ways customer success managers can benefit pharmacies
Having a knowledgeable and experienced customer success manager (CSM) can help your pharmacy use its software more efficiently and lead to better billing practices and a stronger bottom line. This blog lists all the ways a good CSM can help your pharmacy.

Let the gains begin: 6 steps to awesome outcomes from your pharmacy implementation
Choosing the software is the easy part. Many providers fear the implementation step because they can’t afford any issues with performance. But this blog explains that using an outcomes-based process that incorporates Lean Six Sigma principles can help you successfully manage the implementation process and bring you more revenue, happier patients and more productive employees.

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