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No touch data automation is fast becoming a no brainer in patient resupply. It’s no wonder when you consider automated systems offer you a number of essential business benefits, including:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction by improving communication and creating a more seamless and convenient overall experience.
  • Reducing Operational Costs through lessening manual labor while repurposing individuals to do something else for your organization.
  • Benefiting Finances. The more resupply you can get in, the healthier your patients and your business will become.

Moving to zero-touch resupply will positively impact your business in three vital areas: Order Generation, Insurance Verification and Documentation Review. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits in Insurance Verification.

Verifying can be terrifying

We don’t have to tell you about all the headaches insurance verification can cause. If you’re still doing it the old-fashioned way, you’re all too aware. Time and labor costs are the big issues you need to deal with every day. Having to go to the payers’ websites and portals, pulling down all the information and going through all your patients’ information one by one can take hours. The scenario becomes even worse if you have to reach them on the phone. Waiting for an agent, sitting through the endless music and taking up your staff’s valuable time. It can be a time-sapping communication nightmare.

Insurance verification made simple

Fortunately, there is a better way. With an advanced technology solution like Brightree ReSupply, you’re able to create patient-centered digital avenues for insurance verification that use software automations to take the heavy lifting of your staff’s shoulders. With no touch resupply, once the order is generated, the insurance is verified automatically to see if the patient is currently eligible – and what the co-pay or deductible will be. If there are no issues, it will pass directly through to documentation verification, all in a matter of seconds. Sound amazing? Yes, because it is.

To save even more time, the system also allows you to batch process the orders by insurance or by payer. So instead of having to input orders one by one, you can do a whole bunch at once. If there’s a delay of any kind, the orders will wait for approval and then go through automatically. It’s a significantly more efficient way to process and verify orders.

Verifying success: look at the numbers

When no touch resupply is up and running, we typically see that over 80% of orders can be verified electronically with absolutely no personal interaction needed with the patient. In fact, you’ll rarely need to even touch an order. What’s more, if certain payers are requiring more than one touch, the system will help identify them and remedy the issue. This will help you make the best use of your staff and other resources to boost your business.

Data that answers your vital questions

Because our workflow automation software is continually enhanced for more benefits – it’s

able to provide you with a lot of helpful data at any given time. Like, right now. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself at present:

  • What % of my orders were touched for insurance work before shipping?
  • How many insurance touches on average are we having to ship an order?
  • Which of our payers drive the highest touch counts?
  • Is our system configured properly?
  • Can any of our contracts be tweaked to our benefit?
  • Who on my staff is most proficient at these tasks?

Our patient resupply software can help give you answers you need when you need them.

Patients enjoy the speed, accuracy and convenience

With orders being quickly verified and moving rapidly through the system to shipping and delivery, the big winner here is not just your business revenue. It’s also the patient. They appreciate the speed, the accuracy and the exemplary customer service automation brings. The process is similar to the goods they order and receive from a big online retailer. This newer wave of patients entering the space are much more tech savvy. They want to interact with you on their terms and they truly enjoy the convenience.

By reducing employee touches and allowing software to complete the resupply tasks, you’ll complete more orders, ensure more accurate documentation and improve patient care. Think about it the next time you’re dealing with insurance.

Ryan Soules

Ryan Soules, Sr. Director of Operations and Analysis, Brightree

With over 18 years of multifaceted experience in finance, operations, and leadership, Ryan Soules is a strategic and analytical Sr. Director of Operations and Analysis at Brightree, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the post-acute care industry. Ryan's core competencies include conducting in-depth financial analyses, articulating clear visions, establishing strategic frameworks, implementing new technologies, and leading startup and turnaround initiatives. Ryan also has a proven track record of delivering multimillion-dollar annual savings and variance reductions, double-digit productivity improvements, and high-quality recommendations to C-level executives.


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