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Data is amazing and life changing.  It’s also complex. Unlocking these complexities to open new opportunities for your business can be transformative. By enabling a fully automated, zero-touch resupply program, you’ll reap a number of key benefits, including:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction by improving communication and creating a more seamless overall experience.
  • Reducing Operational Costs by lesssening manual labor and repurposing indivuals for other tasks.
  • Improving Finances by generating more resupply for more patients.

Moving  to zero-touch resupply will positively impact your business in three vital areas: Order Generation, Insurance Verification and Documentation Review. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits in Order Generation.

A game-changer in order generation

Allowing patients to order when, where and how they want is now possible. They can text, use an app, go through a portal, send an email or give you a call. Providers can use all of the above to communicate with their patients as well as pre-scheduling or scheduling shipping. It’s all about being as close to your patients as you can be while making their medical needs as effortless as possible. That’s a big-time win-win.

As you well know, times are evolving – and quickly. You now no longer need to make the patient be where you are. Rather, you want to be able to serve that patient where they are. Over time, patients have become more and more comfortable using apps and texts. This newer wave of patients entering the space are much more tech savvy. They want to interact with you on their terms. So make sure you can meet them where they are. Not only does that allow the patient to order when and where they want to, it also increases retention.

Order up some seamless convenience

Unleashing the power of your data will also increase order velocity. Think of how you interact with online retailers. Maybe you just received a text that your shipment is on the way or it’s time to re-order X, Y or Z. Just click and it’s all taken of. It’s seamless and easy. So why not take the same approach for your resupply business? Seamless ordering makes it easier for the patient and improves their satisfaction.  Providing automated processing also lessens the load on your administrative staff.  Say good-bye to faxes, mounds of paper, messy files or multiple errors. It’s simple, seamless and effective.

Ask yourself these questions

What percent of patients do you have an email on file for? If you don’t know that answer today, you need to get it ASAP. What percent of patients have a text consent? Same deal. So make sure you have systems in place with a solution like the one Brightree offers. With a fully automated resupply system in place, the more you know, the more you can do and the more you will succeed.

The numbers tell the story

Resolving your data disarray and transforming it into electronic order generation will result in more orders, faster orders and larger orders – with, wait for it, less attrition.

Consider these trends that were presented at Brightree’s Summit 2023:

  • Patients who order electronically order nearly 30 days faster than other modality sequences
  • Patients who order electronically are 40% less likely to attrit
  • 70% of the time, patients who order electronically will also place their next order electronically
  • On average, orders generated electronically are ~8% larger than those generated by live agents

Unifying your data with zero touch to deliver better outcomes for patients, physicians and your business is the way to go – so why wait? By reducing employee touches and allowing software to complete the resupply tasks, you’ll complete more orders, ensure more accurate documentation and improve patient care.

Using data to maximize your resupply business

Fadi Haddad, Sr. Director of Analytics Solutions, Brightree

Over the last 9 years, Fadi has held a variety of marketing and solutions consulting roles with HME/DMEs of all sizes, specializing in helping evaluate their workflows and identifying solutions to grow their business. Fadi’s current focus is developing the Brightree Advanced Analytics solution, which transforms raw data into meaningful, useful, and actionable insights.



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