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We all know the positives of remote work: avoiding long commutes, spending more quality time with family and being a productive employee. But there have also been negatives. According to the Harvard Business Review, remote workers are also experiencing loneliness and burnout. In fact, half of all employees today struggle to set healthy boundaries when working from home. Here are 10 things you can do to help stay refreshed at work, whether in your home or at the office.

Plan your week ahead on Sunday. Knowing what you need to accomplish during the coming week can set your mind to rest come Sunday evening. Take 15 minutes and prioritize your tasks for the days ahead. You’ll feel better organized because you will be!

Take plenty of breaks. Sitting at your desk for long periods is not good for you physically or emotionally. Get out of that chair at least once every half-hour and stretch, walk around the house, take the dog for a walk, ride your exercise bike, etc. Getting your blood flowing refreshes your mood and your attitude.

Remember: You are what you eat. What you put into your body is what you get out. Try and eat healthy, well-balanced meals and avoid excess sugar, fat, salt and carbs. Get the munchies late in the afternoon? Avoid chips and soda. Grab an apple or some carrots instead and drink lots of water.

Be kind. We’re all stressed. Life is stressful. But there are things you can do to alleviate stress and burnout. Be cognizant of those you work with and be understanding. Everyone is different – and nobody’s perfect. Try to reconcile rather than criticize. Pick your battles (or better yet, don’t battle at all). Remember that you are all on the same team. Be humble. Smile often. Don’t take things too personally.

It’s okay to be selfish. There’s job satisfaction – and there’s a satisfied life. Try to find the right balance between each. Don’t be afraid to take some “me time.” You deserve it. Reward yourself with a nice treat or a night out. Be sure to use your PTO. Getting away from the job for a while will help you enjoy it more. Even if it’s a day off here and there – take it!

Working out…works! Exercise in just about any form can help freshen you up. Exercise reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins. The trick is to make exercise a regular thing. Pick a time that suits you and don’t overdo it. In fact, try to make it fun. You’ll be glad you did.

Stay mindful. Mindfulness is a good way to reduce the impact workplace stress can have on your mind and body. Learn how to do simple breathing exercises. Take regular breaks. Look into one minute meditating (or longer!). Check your email less. Listen to others. Practice gratitude. Compliment others.

When you’re done, you’re done. When working remotely, don’t just physically leave your work station at the end of the day for another section of your home or apartment. You need to shut down mentally as well. Make an effort not to look at your work phone or email. Consider changing outfits to make dinner. In other words, have boundaries for work and play.

Find ways to unwind. Blast some music. Dance around the room. Watch a trashy reality show. Take in a movie. Get on your bike. Meet up with friends. Save up for a new restaurant. Learn to cook a new dish. Get into a good book. Whatever helps you leave work behind, go on that journey. By the way, endless scrolling on your phone is not unwinding. It can send your mind racing and lead to burnout.

Sleep restores the soul. Seven hours or more of sleep at night can help improve your mood, reduce stress, help you think more clearly and get sick less often. What’s not to like? Sleep is easier when you put away your devices, turn off the television and keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark. Being involved in a good book is also a good idea. If you dream of achieving better sleep, check out this revealing sleep study conducted by ResMed.

Learning to refresh is not the same regimen for all. It’s what works best for each individual person. Find what works for you and keep doing it on a regular schedule –  so it becomes a habit. I promise that you’ll feel like a new person, refreshed and raring to go.


Rachel Hoover

Rachel Hoover
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, SaaS

Rachel Hoover is the Senior Talent Acquisition Partner for Brightree, responsible for the entire business cycle of recruiting candidates for open positions. She brings a wealth of HR and talent acquisition expertise to her role, including experience in creating and developing HR policies and procedures. Prior to joining the company in 2019, she served as a recruiting consultant for Corea Energy Solution and as a recruiter for VSoft Corporation.


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