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After decades working for a home infusion agency as a general manager and as a support team leader,  John Mathis understands the unique challenges your agency faces every day, as well as the importance of building relationships to run a successful business. Find out how he uses that in-depth experience in his role as a customer success manager for Brightree.


Q: You worked for a home infusion agency for many years. How does that experience inform your work at Brightree?

A: As someone who used to use home infusion software, I know it well. That helps me understand our customers’ perspectives when they have questions about features or functions and helps me better  assist or guide them.


Q: Are there similarities between your home infusion role and the work you do now for Brightree?

A: In each instance, I’ve really enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with customers and accounts. I’ve known some of them for many years now. Building and maintaining relationships is one of my favorite things.


Q: What do customers say about what sets Brightree apart from its competitors?

A: The first thing I hear is that we’re available when they need us. As for the product itself, we have a better billing process, with a lot of automation. And the new pharmacist experience is a major improvement over our competitors. But the biggest thing I hear is that we respond when they call, we’re here for them.


Q: What do you see as the top industry challenges for home infusion providers right now?

A: Regulatory issues are always at the top of the list because requirements constantly change. Federal and state governments frequently add more stringent guidelines, and it can be a challenge to keep up with all of that.

The other challenge is managing costs. A lot of payors are changing how they pay for some products, so providers are reducing fees, and yet drug costs are going up. It can be a challenge to stay profitable with the majority of products they’re dispensing. They have to be creative and as lean as possible with staffing, while still being able to service patients in a timely manner.


Q: How do you believe your combination of industry and software experience benefits your customers?

A: Having been on the software side for a while now, I have a better grasp of the complexity software providers deal with when designing a product or making updates that seem simple to the end user, like updating a field.

What’s more, I’ve seen the difference it makes when we really communicate with our customers and get their feedback. We take time for conversations: “We’re thinking about making this change, what do you think?” Or the customer may have an idea for something we hadn’t even considered yet, and we can work with them to get that added. And because so many of the people on the pharmacy team have home infusion experience, we can speak their language. I think it’s a big change from what many of our customers are used to.


Q: What do you think are the most critical features home infusion software providers should be offering their customers?

A: Efficiency. The biggest thing is to make the process as efficient and easy as possible, so there isn’t a lot of manual input required. Our customers are trying to stay as lean as possible, so if they can avoid the need to add staff by using well-designed software, that’s great.

Brightree’s solution, with billing and auto-posting functions that automatically send out and post claims to eliminate manual processes, is a big help. And the improved pharmacist experience helps reduce the time it takes to fill and process both new and refill prescriptions.

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John Mathis

John Mathis, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Brightree

John has been in the pharmacy/home Infusion/HME industry since 1997, including working in operations for several home infusion providers. At Brightree, he works closely with providers to help ensure maximum optimization is achieved, benchmarks are met and operational efficiency is obtained. John is passionate about helping providers find solutions within their workflow and is an expert on streamlining front-end processes to gain operational effectiveness.


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