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By John Mathis, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Brightree

In the early years of Pharmacy software, there was no such thing as a Customer Success Manager (CSM). Sure, there may have been a level 2 support rep to troubleshoot with – but that was about it. In many cases, this designated support rep also commanded an additional fee to gain access to.

Today, a knowledgeable and experienced CSM plays a vital role in helping pharmacies utilize their software functionality to become more streamlined and efficient  – so they can improve their billing practices, patient engagement and become more profitable.

 Here are 6 ways a good CSM can benefit a pharmacy.

  1. We understand the business. How can we help a pharmacy be more successful if we haven’t been in your shoes? A CSM like myself has worked in a pharmacy and understands what pharmacists are talking about when they reference infusion prescriptions, injectables, parenteral nutrition, hydration, etc. Knowing both the business and the software is the key. It’s help and advice you can trust, which can save a lot of time and headaches.
  2. We’re not just here to sell you stuff. We’re all about success. We also know how frustrating dealing with a software issue can be. We get it when you reach out for support and nothing happens but a ticket being issued. That is not success, but it can be maddening. A good CSM builds a relationship with their customers to avoid frustration and to help them get on with their job. We understand your daily goal is to take care of patients, get prescriptions dispensed and delivered. We understand your software should be a help, not a hindrance – and that in the world of competitive pharmacies, speed and accuracy is crucial.
  3. We focus on YOUR business. We get to know you and you get to know us. Together, we’re a partnership built to help you get more out of your business. Some of therapy. Some adopt standard home infusion antibiotic therapies; others provide TPN or  Immune Globulin Intravenous blood products. Understanding and knowing the differences (not to mention your unique circumstances) is vital to helping each situation work smoothly. We learn your specific business processes so we can be knowledgeable about your needs when they arise.
  4. We help you get the right solution mix. Let’s say you bought new software but have only used the core system thus far. You may have additional solutions that can help move your business along, but you haven’t implemented or learned the new features. That’s where a productive CSM comes in to the picture. He or she should be able to look at your process to see if you can improve your efficiency by utilizing tools you may already have – or may still need. Or at the very least point you to the right person or department in the software solutions company who can assist you without delay.
  5. We provide regular reviews on financial/operational performance. I generate a monthly report that gives my customers high level statistics on how they did for the previous month, how many sales orders were created, confirmed, or still waiting for confirmation. The report also looks at how much revenue was generated or is still on hold.  It’s basically a high-level overview of how they’re performing and what they may need to focus on, based on the numbers. Customers enjoy the analysis they get with the CSM’s experience and data insights.
  6. We don’t go away. One comment I hear often from pharmacists is that they feel they are “on an island,” and could use more help. A CSM like myself should generally be available to assist. Technology changes. Software changes. People change. Having a relationship with a CSM is like having an extended family. It’s a relationship we have built to last.

To learn more about the value of working with an experienced Customer Success Manager, contact Brightree today to speak with a team member or to schedule a demo.

John Mathis

John Mathis, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Brightree

John has been in the pharmacy/home Infusion/HME industry since 1997, including working in operations for several home infusion providers. At Brightree, he works closely with providers to help ensure maximum optimization is achieved, benchmarks are met and operational efficiency is obtained. John is passionate about helping providers find solutions within their workflow and is an expert on streamlining front-end processes to gain operational effectiveness.


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