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By Justin Lewis, Senior Director, Brightree’s ReSupply LiveCall Service

When you hear the word live call, you may just think of a basic, manual dialing program. But with the right live calling service, your resupply program can succeed — with increased orders and improved patient engagement in therapy — despite today’s ongoing labor shortage.

If you’re considering putting a live calling service on your must-have list for 2023, here are some factors to consider and the top 4 reasons you’ll be glad you did.

Reason 1: Resources. Your live calling service brings a team of well-educated and seasoned resources from the U.S. who work as an extension of your business team to handle your patient calls. You’ll want to look for a service that includes optimal support through real-time management of callers, day in and day out, with coaching and development to ensure they are meeting your expectations.

For instance, our Brightree LiveCall Service staffs nearly 140 full-time employees who complete an extensive training program and who follow resupply best practices for all inbound and outbound calls, resulting in maximized orders and expert patient care support. We also use a workforce management team to schedule the agents and monitor them throughout the day to make sure we’re utilizing all resources in the most efficient way for our customers.

And if you’re a company that already has a resupply team in place, you can reallocate those resources to strategic areas of your business.

Reason 2: Technology. With the right technology giving your resupply program flexible systems, you’ll see your efficiency go up. In fact, at Brightree, the algorithms in our systems could allow your agents to make up to three times the calls of a traditional manual environment. For instance, when the system detects that there’s a voicemail, it’s already making that next phone call without any type of downtime.

Whether it’s water in their tubing, a filter that fell out or other equipment trouble, you’ll also want agents who can help provide full patient support to help them resolve issues and answer therapy questions for improved retention.  This kind of support helps to free respiratory therapists and other team members to do what they do best — clinical setups and growing businesses.

Reason 3: Retention. As your live calling service outreaches to patients, you will likely see a reduction in attrition on the back end, especially if your service prioritizes quality assurance measures.

With Brightree’s LiveCall Service, we use voice analytics to help us listen to every phone call and then provide real-time feedback and insights to agents to maximize the time your patients remain in your resupply program.  

Reason 4: Data. With a focused call center comes focused data about the results of your patient interactions. And what’s better than data? Data translation. Trends are changing and with the rising prominence of advanced analytics, you can review the health of your business for necessary adjustments and that may help you to predict outcomes from those adjustments. By leaning on the expertise of a live calling service, you can focus on the recommendations.

At Brightree, we’re utilizing data to ultimately help make and drive these decisions — everything from a staffing and a dialing perspective to a performance perspective and quality assurance that includes detailed progress reporting on calls made, revenue collected and more for results-driven change.

If you’re ready to ramp up your resupply results, learn more about our LiveCall services – which currently serve approximately 550,000 patients a month – to simplify the outreach calling process and provide the right resources and toolset for success.

Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis
Senior Director, ReSupply LiveCall Service, Brightree

Justin Lewis is the senior director of Brightree’s ReSupply LiveCall Service and brings nearly two decades of experience in the contact center industry to this role. Previously, he served as the senior manager of the contact center and outsourcing operations at a senior living facility and prior to that as a customer service and sales manager at Apria Healthcare. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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