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From pharmacists, nurses and techs to analysts, coders and billers – experts at Brightree have been in your shoes, working in the many roles within your pharmacy and home infusion care settings. Jeston Whitsell, PharmD, our Senior Implementation Consultant, is one of them.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your current role at Brightree as senior implementation consultant?

A: The favorite part of my job is helping pharmacists to help their customers. Especially those who are in the position that I was previously in – working in a home infusion pharmacy that utilized Brightree. I’ve been in their position. So, I understand the issues, concerns and problems they come across every day. Being able to use the knowledge I have gained in the home infusion setting allows me to be a good resource for other pharmacists. Being someone they can trust to answer their questions without holding back gives them more confidence – and me more satisfaction.

Q: Where do you feel you are making the most impact?

A: The biggest contribution I make is with workflow. Home infusion pharmacies have a certain standard of the way things work, but your software is key in determining the best practices for your workflow. I know the best ways to use Brightree’s solutions to minimize wasted time and maximize output.

Q: Exactly how does the Brightree solution help pharmacists?

A: Saving them precious admin time so they can spend more time helping patients. As Brightree continues to advance and release enhancements that increase confidence in software, it makes it easier for pharmacists to do their jobs. If their focus on patient care is reduced due to struggles with pharmacy software, then it’s the patient who suffers. Your full attention should always be on the patient and not with an EMR system.

As we continue to monitor the burdens that pharmacists are facing, we can collaborate and use that information to improve our product so it addresses the issues at hand. I don’t want anyone to waste 30 minutes of their day trying to figure out how to put information into their system. Your software solution should be a tool you never have to think or worry about. It’s just there, in the background, doing its job so that you can focus on the patient.

It all comes down to this: if we make it easier for the pharmacists to do their job, it’s going to improve the care the patients receive. 

Q: How mindful would you say Brightree is when it comes to helping providers adapt to current challenges in the industry?

A: Very mindful and I think that by having staff with clinical experience, it makes it a lot easier. When you have people that have actual experience in a pharmacy, they know what to look for and what needs to be changed. It’s really focusing on who you’re serving and seeing the product in use from the user point of view.  Our goal is to make the user experience as easy as possible. As a former user, I get that.

Q: What are some of the common concerns you hear from customers and how do you help to solve them?

A: Anything within a software system that takes your time and attention away from the patient is a big concern. By automating systems and minimizing touch points, we are helping to solve their biggest need. Considering the expected growth in home infusion patient counts, the pharmacist’s time becomes even more valuable. A pharmacist must complete all the necessary tasks to provide exceptional patient care, but do so with increasing time constraints. Plus, they have to worry about state board requirements and accreditation. Understanding the pressure they are under helps our team to better help them. Our analytic tools, for example, follow the data to see how well they are performing. If something needs to be tweaked to help increase performance, we’re on it.

Q: What made you choose Brightree?

A: As a previous Brightree user in a home infusion setting, I could see where enhancements could be made. In fact, my feedback did lead to some improvements. Now that I’m representing Brightree, I know the software and how it’s supposed to work. By talking to our customers, and hearing their needs, I can now provide feedback internally to improve the tools even more. It’s very gratifying.

I also like working in pharmacy because I can help our users achieve outcomes with patients that make me feel good about the services I’m providing. Guiding these pharmacists to success today means my career has come full circle – and that is very satisfying.

Brightree’s pharmacy software allows you to manage your home infusion, ambulatory infusion, and pharmacy businesses with one solution, plus get tailored implementation and real-time support.

Find out how our real-world expertise can help you. Request a consultation today.

Jeston Whitsell

Jeston Whitsell, Senior Implementation Consultant, Pharmacy, Brightree

Jeston is a consultant with the pharmacy implementation team and has previous experience as a pharmacist in retail, hospital and home infusion. In addition to providing Brightree training, he utilizes his previous experience as a director of pharmacy to promote efficient home infusion pharmacy workflow and data monitoring to enhance pharmacy performance. Jeston obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR.


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