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To those of you who attended our 2023 Summit in Austin, Texas, thank you for coming. It was great seeing everybody and celebrating your accomplishments. We set out to create an agenda that matched the amazing vibe of that cool city – and according to you, we succeeded. Your feedback told us how much you enjoyed checking out all of our innovations, gaining insights from all the experts, sharing peer advice, forging new connections and having a blast at all the social events. Success was in the air – and we reveled in it together. Our special thanks to all the speakers and sponsors who helped us scale the Summit.

Sessions for everyone

No matter your role in HME and pharmacy, each of our Summit sessions was designed to help you succeed. From peer best practice sharing to training for new and seasoned users of Brightree, Summit offered usable knowledge for everyone. There were sessions on our innovative software solutions and services and updates from key leaders in our industry. Attendees left the conference both inspired and real-life ready to optimize their business processes while delivering exceptional outcomes for their patients.

The most popular and highly attended sessions were:

  • Optimizing Intake Workflows
  • Optimizing Order Workflows with Activity Management, WIP states, and Work Lists
  • Tracking Business Performance with Organizational KPIs
  • Driving Optimization using Rules Engine, Data and Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Achieving Digital Transformations with Lean 6 Sigma Principles

What your peers had to say

We asked attendees what Summit meant to them. Here is a small sampling.

“This is my sixth year attending Brightree Summit, and it’s valuable every year. Everybody should have the opportunity to come to understand Brightree better and to learn the different functionality of what Brightree offers, including the latest on new software coming out.”

“I had the opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and gain valuable insights into common challenges and innovative solutions in patient care. The event featured exceptional sessions on maximizing the full range of Brightree’s offerings to best meet our requirements.”

“I prefer Brightree Summit over other tradeshows that I’ve attended because the class sizes are smaller, and you get more one-on-one interaction with the presenters.”

“The biggest takeaway for me is that there are lots of features in Brightree that we’re not currently tapping into. Instead of limiting ourselves to 20% of the capabilities, there’s so much more that we can do.”

“My peers are missing a lot by not being here at Brightree Summit — from face-to-face interaction with colleagues to being the first one to hear about Brightree innovations and enhancements. And the best takeaway for me is the networking.”

“The conference has been an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and trends in the HME industry. I’ve had the chance to hear from some of the top experts in the field and connect with colleagues from all over the country.”

What ResMed SaaS/Brightree attendees had to say

“Let the burden of using new technology be on us. Let the burden to care for patients be on you. And together, we’ll serve this industry.”
– Nupura Kolwalkar, Chief Product Officer, Brightree

“Through our partnership, I believe very strongly that your patients win, your staff wins and your organization wins. Thank you again for coming to Summit 2023.”
– Bobby Ghosal, President, ResMed Saas

“The moments I live for are the moments when you see a customer’s eyes light up when they realize we understand the value of a solution that they can bring to the market to help them with their business.”
– Nick Knowlton, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, ResMed SaaS

“Yes, better your business. Yes, grow professionally. But you still have to have fun when you’re doing it. And we are really good at having fun.”
– Lisa Ziehl, Director Customer Success, Brightree

By The Numbers

635    Attendees

51      Breakout sessions (in 6 tracks)

15      Sponsors

Thank You, Sponsors!

Without your valuable assistance, we wouldn’t be able to host such a successful Summit.

  • Platinum: VGM & Associates
  • Gold: McKesson, DMEscripts
  • Silver: VirtueRN, Cardinal Health at Home, Global Payments Integrated, Parachute Health
  • Bronze: Lake Court Medical Supplies, GEMCO Medical, Trella Health, VirtuOx, HME 360, Appoint 360, TestSmarter, MedChat

Learn more about our sponsors here.

“This past week members of our VGM team spent time at the Brightree Summit. Each year Brightree brings together their customers and experts in the industry so their customers can find more solutions for optimizing their business. Brightree is a valuable vendor partner for VGM and we are excited to see their continued growth in the post-acute space!”
– Jeremy Stolz, President, VGM & Associates

The climb itself is what matters

Summit 2023 brought our customers, partners and team members together to learn, reflect, network and celebrate as we continue to explore where the healthcare industry is evolving. We hope that the connections made and information shared in Austin will continue to resonate with you as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. Together, we can continue to help create a brighter future for patients, providers, and the entire industry.

In the words of mountaineer and author Conrad Anker, “The Summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”

Check out photos of Summit here.

Trish Nettleship

Trish Nettleship, Chief Marketing Officer​, Brightree

Trish is the Chief Marketing Officer at Brightree, where she is responsible for marketing strategies and plans for new Brightree offerings, and driving demand generation and market development for Brightree’s current portfolio of cloud-based post-acute care solutions. Trish brings over 25 years of experience to Brightree with a strong track record in digital transformation, enabling the social enterprise, and developing high-level integrated multi-channel strategy across all aspects of marketing. She brings an innovative focus to product marketing, communications, channel management and business development that she has honed within her various industries, including: reseller, high tech, communications, telecommunications and pharmaceutical. Prior to joining Brightree, she held various marketing positions at UCB, Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company, and AT&T. She earned her MBA in International Business and a BA in Marketing both from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. She actively serves as an expert panel member, presenter and moderator on marketing and strategy topics.​


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