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Let’s say you already understand the benefits of a mobile logistics solution. You’re ready to usher your company into a modern and efficient way to do business. But what about your team members? Will your employees share your enthusiasm?

Change isn’t easy, but once your team is on board and gets into the rhythm of using mobile logistics, they won’t look back.

By applying the tips in this guide, you and your team will understand why training and practice are crucial to experience a smoother transition and recognize the monetary value of a mobile solution. Here are your tips:

  1. Explain the “why”

    Let’s say you already understand the benefits of mobile delivery. You’re ready to usher your company into a modern and efficient way to do business. But what about your team members? Will your employees share your enthusiasm?

  2. Get buy-in

    Once employees buy in, they’ll be more invested, even if the technology isn’t natural to them. Create that buy-in from the start to drive adoption and engagement with your user base.

  3. Focus on the patient

    In the digital age, your business needs to provide what your patients really want — a seamless experience where they feel valued. By moving to a mobile logistics platform like Brightree Mobile Delivery, you’re signaling that you care about getting patients the right order quickly and without the hassle of follow-ups.

  4. Set clear goals

    Your team wants to know you’re moving forward with them in mind. Get them on the right track by sharing your vision. Let employees know how mobile technology will improve their environment with better patient engagements. With clear, measurable goals, your team members can see that the outcomes have them in mind.

  5. Highlight training

    Don’t rush through or shortcut training because that compromises your entire investment. Train your employees well and offer different modes such as live training and self-study. Don’t forget to train the trainer as well.

  6. Encourage practice

    Give assignments and use repetition to reinforce training. Ask your team — front-line drivers and back-office staff — to work with the new feature/system every day and encourage them to reach out with questions.

  7. Recognize that change is tough

    Remember to use humor to help your team get through training sessions. Plus, offer small tokens to recognize their efforts. Your investment in your team will go a long way toward making this the success you’re hoping for.

Don’t just flip a switch and hope for the best. Even with the perfect technology match, the best-laid plans can be blanked by neglecting to bring your team along. Think ahead about who needs to know what and when. Be a team player and work alongside your employees to learn and grow together. Over time, they’ll appreciate your investment in them. More so, they’ll appreciate their new mobile solution and how much time and energy it saves them and the company.

Ready to get started? Contact Brightree today to learn more about managing employee adoption of Brightree Mobile Delivery. Together we can collaborate to achieve a stress-free transition for you and your team.

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