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Intake is essential to the homecare pharmacy business; after all, it determines whether your new business is won or lost. Yet the time-critical process can be riddled with challenges, miscommunications and lost information. Because multiple staff members are often working on a new intake simultaneously, managing information from many sources and dealing with paper records that add extra steps, the intake process presents many opportunities for critical information to be lost or miscommunicated.

Not only does this create frustrating and potentially dangerous lags for patients waiting for treatment, an intake process that isn’t streamlined can also cause challenges down the line in other departments, like billing, if critical information is missing. And, of course, as the first step of working with a new patient, intake is critical to growing a successful business; bottlenecks in the process will prevent you from responding in the expedient manner required to keep referral sources happy and to ultimately reach your full business potential.

I’ve outlined the top contributors to these intake bottlenecks and ways homecare pharmacy and home infusion providers can use technology to solve them. By eliminating manual paper processes, improving coordination between staff members, patients and prescribers and engaging patients in their financial responsibility, you’ll experience fewer intake headaches all while improving the satisfaction of your key constituents.

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