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Because sometimes the best defense is a good offense

Automation isn’t just for efficiency. It also provides you with the best defense against pre- and post-payment audits. The right document management software will help your organization avoid the stress, disruption and potential financial risk of an audit in two critical ways.

First, automation gathers all the pertinent patient information and documentation in one place to ensure you’re filing clean claims and able to respond to potential audits quickly.

Secondly, automation keeps your system current on regulatory and reimbursement compliance issues to take that burden off of you.

It’s crucial that your technology provider helps you simplify the intake and claims processes by reducing or even eliminating the paperwork that exposes you to audits.

Auditing 101: Here’s how it works

With the Brightree Document Management solution, you can collect and submit documentation electronically in response to CMS audits, and track the status of each audit through a safe and secure application. With the Electronic Audit Response solution, you can cut in half the time you normally spend chasing down documents and submitting paper-based responses to CMS.

High denial rates are a red flag for auditors. A good defense against audits is a low denial rate. Let your technology work for you by using built-in functionality to submit clean claims with all required documentation.

Validation rules within Brightree Document Management ensure that your staff is obtaining the needed documentation for each payer and product without relying on tribal knowledge. These validation rules can prevent your team from moving forward with delivery or confirmation without following the correct procedures and having the documentation automatically stored in the patient’s record. You can confidently respond to audits in a timely manner when you have the appropriate documentation.

Our integrated audit response workflow means you can:

  • Reduce audit response times by 60-70 percent on average for Medicare audits
  • Eliminate the need to navigate between separate billing and audit response systems
  • View audit status directly from the patient record
  • Check and validate required documents ahead of time
  • Respond to audits directly from within the Brightree platform with integrated print/fax tools
  • Reduce the possibility of errors

By integrating Brightree’s Revenue Cycle Management into the software, you can fortify your defenses even further. These services assist during sales order confirmation to ensure that the product delivered adheres to local coverage determination. We won’t confirm the order until the proper documentation is obtained. Additionally, we provide proactive tracking of TPE audit status and offer recommendations for improvement.


Fortify your audit process further

Transform your audit process

Without a sound strategy and technology platform for maintaining accurate and retrievable documentation, you’re short-changing your business. By implementing Brightree’s software and services, you simplify, speed up and digitize your response to audits.

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