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Spring cleaning is a ritual most of us undertake for our homes, but what about in our professional lives? Whether you currently work in the office or from home, take steps to organize your workspaces. Your business will gain efficiencies and influence future growth. Follow these 7 tips:

  1. Review your business goals. Now is an excellent time to revisit your business goals. Analyze which tactics are working, which aren’t, and what you can do over the coming months to ensure success. If a goal is no longer relevant, alter it.

    As you review your goals, consider using Brightree Advanced Analytics. It’s a new platform that allows you to review trending. Data is useless as a single point but extremely valuable when trended for business decisions.

  2. Tighten up the budget. Review your annual budget to assess how you’re tracking. It’s far better to catch and address gaps now rather than scramble at the end of the year. Here are a few other ways you can work on your budget.
    • Study Cost of Goods (COG) reports monthly to quickly identify products where cost is greater than reimbursement on orders. Leverage this report with manufacturers and vendors to negotiate better pricing. Also, renegotiate reimbursement with payers.
    • Review basic item expenses monthly to see if your purchasing agent is controlling cost associated to products that are not counted in Brightree but used as a part of doing business. Examples include cylinder costs, O2 set up kits, tubing, and so forth.
    • Find out where drop shipments save money over standard truck deliveries. What’s the bottom-line cost to your organization every time a truck leaves the warehouse? Can you leverage BrightShip in Brightree to ship from your HME warehouse or ePurchasing to fulfill an order?
  3. Determine product line profits. Use Brightree’s product profitability reporting to drive campaigns for sales/referrals. For example, spend more time and effort targeting referral sources with products that have greater profit margins. You may end up discontinuing unprofitable product lines based on reimbursement rates. Be the best with a limited number of product lines than just OK across multiple areas.

  4. Organize your space. Take a look at your physical and digital workspaces and clear out the clutter. If you or your staff spend hours driving around to patients’ homes, your vehicle may need a thorough cleaning, too! Figure out the best way to organize your digital workspace to keep files easily retrievable. You can manage all worklists in Brightree on a weekly/monthly basis including documents, open sales orders, open PU/exchange, aged unposted deposits, and unapplied payments.

  5. Welcome computer and software upgrades. Is the hardware in your office appropriate for the person or people using it? Your staff may benefit from technology that automates manual processes.
    • Evaluate the software your organization uses for resupply, deliveries, billing, reporting and beyond. Take a look at other options, like cloud-based systems, to ensure top-notch patient care and satisfied employees.
    • Attend new release webinars to determine if enhancements will benefit your business model. Don’t miss out on enhancements that improve efficiencies.
    • Carve out time at least once a quarter for staff training on enhancements.
    • Review available modules twice per year to determine if you can move a manual process to automation/integration.
    • Leverage ePurchasing vendors when available to drive purchases through Brightree electronically instead of staff going outside Brightree to place orders.
  6. Refresh your online presence. When was the last time you took inventory of your online presence? It’s easy to neglect when you have so much else going on with your business. Take the time to refresh your website and social media channels. Do you have a patient payment portal? If you’ve added new services, changed management, or moved office locations, update these online.

  7. Clean out the inbox. Too many emails in your inbox can make you feel unorganized and overwhelmed. File your messages and delete information you no longer need to help you stay focused. Create a to-do list for the emails that need your immediate attention.

Brightree is here to help you tidy up and get organized with everything from your business goals and product to budget assessments and software upgrades. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we can best serve you.