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Put our real-world experience to work for you

From pharmacists, nurses and techs to analysts, coders and billers – experts at Brightree have been in your shoes, working in the many roles within your pharmacy and home infusion care settings. Take our Clinical Product Manager, Christopher Lieu.

He completed a pharmacy residency in home infusion at Option Care in Boston. Then he worked as an oncology pharmacist at Northside Hospital in Atlanta for four years. Bottom line:  he knows what you do and what you need in your day-to-day workflow.  For Chris, it’s all about delivering cloud-based software and services solutions that get the automation just right for your business – from dispensing medications quickly and safely to remaining profitable.  

Here are some of his key observations.

Intuitive, innovative software changes everything. Even a career.

When I was practicing in home infusion, software options were very limited. Then I heard Brightree had developed a home infusion software solution, and that really intrigued me. When I went into oncology and the specialty infusion world, I was able to see how intuitive and “next level” these pharmacy software systems were. The industry was in desperate need of a new, upgraded solution and here it was.

Most pharmacists do not have a photographic memory

Working as an oncology pharmacist, a home infusion pharmacist and as a resident, I’ve learned that the best software solution is one that serves as the clinician’s peripheral brain. That’s because no pharmacist can remember every single thing clinically to make sure the patient has optimal outcomes. Pharmacists benefit greatly from intuitive software that guides them easily and clearly through everything from calculations and referrals to intake and interaction alerts.   In today’s world, that translates to relying heavily on the right pharmacy software from the most experienced software provider. Think of it as your most critical clinical resource because it is. I know because I‘ve been there. I’ve seen software transform a pharmacy with my own eyes.

Everybody has to be on the same page for patient success

In home infusion, the healthcare providers are totally interwoven with each other. You have a pharmacist dispensing supplies that nurses use to take care of the patients. It’s absolutely essential that everyone involved can follow every step of the patient’s journey. From that point of view, the software has to serve and encompass every single disciplinary among the team as well. When that happens – everybody is on the same page in the patient’s journey. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Listen. Let’s create the optimal user experience

Having been a pharmacist and now developing products catering to what pharmacists need is cool. They talk. I listen. Together, we solve a need. One of the things I like to do is to practice putting in my own prescriptions and going through the day-to-day workflow. So I understand what they’re saying, what they’re feeling,  how that works, and how we can make it better

Let’s say their job calls for a new feature or function. How and where do we create that in the most intuitive way? Well, having been there is a big advantage. Calling on past experience helps me and my team at Brightree to deliver the optimal user experience of today.

Mental models are integral to your success

If you go on the Delta app to book a flight, there’s a way that it has to be. If you never opened the app, there’s a mental model you have that makes it work. You shouldn’t have to constantly call a hotline or customer support. The benefit of having pharmacists on your software solutions team is that we serve as a mental model. We know the natural flow of information you expect. Our task is to make it a frictionless experience for you.

It helps to have a whole team working for you

As a pharmacist, I was dispensing medications, working on the clinical aspects and doing assessments. My focus back then wasn’t on reimbursement and the intake part of it. Having experts in these other aspects of the business at Brightree has been educational for me and eye-opening for my customers. By collaborating together, we can define the best possible experience for customers and end users. It’s a big win-win.

Brightree’s pharmacy software allows you to manage your home infusion, ambulatory infusion, and pharmacy businesses with one solution, plus get tailored implementation and real-time support.

Find out how our real-world expertise can help you. Request a consultation today.

Christopher Lieu

Christopher Lieu, Clinical Product Manager, Home Infusion Pharmacy, Brightree

Christopher Lieu has always been passionate about the healthcare and technology sectors. This passion has led him to obtain his PharmD degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and pursue his MBA degree from Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.

Since graduating with his Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree, he has completed a residency in Home Infusion Pharmacy. He has also worked as a Clinical Oncology Pharmacist as Northside Hospital. Currently, Christopher is the Clinical Product Manager at Brightree for our Home Infusion Pharmacy platform.


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