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This month, Brightree customers reached an incredible milestone: 100 million patients served through Brightree systems. What does 100 million people look like? It’s equal to:

We’re happy to call ourselves speechless, and we’re so proud of the support our customers have been able to give their patients as they guide them towards meaningful outcomes. Over the past fifteen years, out-of-hospital care organizations have chosen us for our innovative and customized software solutions. Still, we believe it’s our dedication to always putting patients first that has truly set us apart.

Here’s a message from Brightree President and CEO Matt Mellott on celebrating this achievement:

“This number is more than just a statistic for us; it’s an incredible reflection of how intentional and innovative technology can truly make a difference in people’s lives. What we’re celebrating is the result of the hard work of the healthcare providers and HME organizations who have trusted us to provide solutions for their business. And so to you, we say thank you.

By investing in building a more connected care system for your patients with Brightree, you’ve impacted more than just the people in your care. Your support has helped us design new and creative software technology that meets modern patient expectations and supports your business as you hit your biggest goals. Thank you for trusting us with the important work of improving the health and wellness of your patients. We’re driven by the idea of what we can accomplish together, and we’ll be here to serve your next 100 million patients.”

We’re thrilled to share this milestone with every provider who has chosen Brightree to help them care for their patients. 100 million is a big number, but it’s just the beginning. We’re constantly working to improve and expand our solutions, and that means we’re not stopping here. To get all of the latest Brightree news, make sure you subscribe to our blog and look out for Brightree updates in your inbox.

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