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Unlocking data complexities to open new opportunities for your business can be transformative. By enabling a fully automated, zero-touch resupply program, you’ll reap a number of key benefits to help you with:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction by improving communication and creating a more seamless overall experience.
  • Reducing Operational Costs by lessening manual labor and repurposing individuals for other tasks.
  • Improving Finances by generating more resupply for more patients.

Moving  to zero-touch resupply will positively impact your business in three vital areas: Order Generation, Insurance Verification and Documentation Review. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits in Documentation Review.

Metadata makes the difference

Once you understand who the insurer is for a patient, you’ll know what documents are required to supply them with their equipment. And because you want to be paid for your efforts, getting that insurance step done correctly is vital.  It’s here that zero-touch resupply really works its magic. Every time a document is ingested into the system, the relevant information about that document is captured and digested as metadata. And with metadata, you’ll never have to look at a document twice.

Five distinct benefits for HME businesses

Let’s say a prescription comes in. The software reads the document, notes the doctor signature and approves the order.  All the requirements to fulfill the prescription take place without a human touch. The software (like Brightree’s SNAP) offers five distinct benefits for HME businesses, and helping you to:

  1. Remove bottlenecks and reduce errors while automatically completing the complex documentation.
  2. Generate, verify and send orders without manual entry.
  3. Establish thoughtful, proactive automated communication with patients.
  4. Meet modern patient expectations with digital ordering options.
  5. Scale your operations to meet larger goals.

Ramp up your resupply profitability

Zero-touch resupply dramatically reduces human touches by employing advanced software processes that monitor orders, performance and patient eligibility in real-time. Providers looking to ramp up resupply profitability for a growing patient base can rely on this software solution to meet objectives without likely hiring more staff.

And just imagine: No more tracking down doctors. No more sending faxes. No more waiting on the phone. When a document does expire, the software will automatically reach out to the doctor and it will be updated – again with no human touch necessary.

A faster, more seamless experience for patients

We’ve discussed how zero touch resupply can cost less in employee time while virtually eliminating mistakes and errors. But what about the patient experience? With this level of automation, patient orders arrive faster and with no hiccups. It’s seamless, simple and easy. Just the way patients increasingly expect it to be.

When the zero touch experience is expanded to include order generation and insurance verification, as well as document review, providers are looking at saving not hours, but days in the process. In fact, all three steps in the process can be accomplished in as little as one hour – compared to up to ten days when the information is passed manually along an antiquated assembly line. That makes zero-sense.

Zero-touch, on the other hand, is a no-brainer. 

Mike Lorenz

Mike Lorenz, Vice President of ReSupply, Brightree

Mike Lorenz is Brightree’s Vice President of ReSupply solutions and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles across the banking, technology and healthcare industries. Before joining Brightree, Mike was the President and Head of Product at Snapworx, a start up software company supporting the Home Medical Equipment industry. Prior to Snapworx, Mike was the CEO of Sound Oxygen Service, a regional Home Medical Equipment company with locations across the Pacific Northwest. At every step, Mike’s career has focused on using data to measure critical performance factors in businesses and then implementing technology solutions to leverage organizational strengths at scale. Mike has an undergraduate degree from Washington State University, a Masters in Banking from the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington, and Executive Education from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


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