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We all know it takes many steps to fill orders, and no two patients are the same. But with a cohesive resupply program that offers a wide range of outreach methods, you can experience gains in both patient outcomes and profitability.

No matter what product line your resupply program is focused on, we’ve found that the surest path to a successful process – one that increases efficiency for greater outcomes, satisfaction, revenue and referrals — is laying the right foundation from the start.

These are a few of our must-haves:
  1. Empathy. For a lot of patients, starting a new therapy is often a major lifestyle change. They may not know what to expect or how the therapy will impact their daily lifestyle. Taking the time to understand any of the patient’s concerns and apprehensions helps lay a solid foundation. Offering support from the initial patient interaction helps ensure a smooth set-up.
  2. Expectation setting. The initial equipment set-up is the right time to set expectations and walk through the resupply process so that the patient knows what to expect and when they can expect it.
  3. Compliance. We’ve found that it’s imperative to discuss therapy compliance to drive home why it’s so important. Taking the time to explain what compliance is, how it will be measured, and why resupplying at the appropriate intervals is so key goes a long way.
  4. Input. Patients who are active participants in their therapy are happier patients. Get patient input, especially when it comes to their preferred method of resupply outreach.
  5. Regular communication. It’s not enough to set up the proper expectations with the patient. Make sure to confirm follow through with regular communication.
  6. Ongoing monitoring. Because there are multiple modalities within a resupply program, monitoring of patient outcomes is a must. Is the patient regularly responding to emails? Is interactive voice response (IVR) an effective communication tool or is it time for a live call?
  7. Automated tools. Swift engagement is vital to identify and resolve therapy issues proactively. Using tools like Brightree’s integrated therapy compliance monitoring system gets patients back on track and saves time, ultimately strengthening your relationships with patients, physicians and referral sources. Tools like analytics will also move you from a reactive to a proactive approach to resupply.

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