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HME/Pharmacy providers looking to automate their business and provide a better patient experience should seriously consider onboarding with a leading software solutions partner.

Here are six reasons why.

1. Integrating is easier than you think

Technology is advancing our world in unimaginable ways and trading complexity for efficiency in cloud-based software for your business is no different. Especially when you work with a company that knows what they’re doing. Today, highly qualified and experienced transition teams ensure that partners are onboarded and integrated successfully. Their only job is to make sure that all processes are in place and communicated to their stakeholders. With the integration up and running,  HME/Pharmacy providers can look forward to some game-changing solutions for their business.

2. Streamlining workflow and vastly improving efficiencies

Here’s a simple question: Would you rather work out of one system, or two? Streamlining your workflow means getting everything into one system, so you have everything at your fingertips. This allows you to manage your business more effectively – while providing you with better, quicker automated solutions. Those of you who are already sharing data seamlessly, I can see you nodding. And smiling. Those of you who are still doing things manually, I feel your pain. But I can also tell you that you are in for a treat. Automating simplifies the complexities of your HME or pharmacy business so you can get more done, be more profitable and have more time to focus on your patients. Isn’t this why you went into business in the first place?

3. Reducing human error and creating a one-stop shop

Ever wonder why a fax you sent was never received? There are ten possible reasons why that could happen, each one as frustrating as the next. Mistakes made in manual processing are legend. Simply adding an extra “0” can wake you up in the middle of the night. Suffice to say, an automated solution where everything is linked and integrated in real time will make it much easier and more reliable for you. And your patients. This “one-stop” fully automated solution will make their lives easier too.

4. Filing claims faster and being paid quicker

Streamlining your workflow won’t just save you headaches, it will also save you time. Big time. With your business running more efficiently, you’ll be able to file claims faster and get paid quicker by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies. Thanks to automation, orders, deliveries, and invoices are all tracked in real time. DMEs enjoy access to all this information and more. You can easily manage your billing, optimize reimbursements and collect more of what you’ve earned, from payers and patients alike. Plus, all the data is professionally housed with your solutions provider, saving you filing and storage time – not to mention the costly expense of having to purchase all the latest software yourself.

5. Eliminating paperwork and dealing with audits

Onboarding will also eliminate a huge chunk of your time-consuming paperwork. Companies like Brightree have document management capabilities that are light years ahead of any manual storage system. All prescriptions, referral approvals and other documents are all held and managed by your technology integrator. You no longer have to worry about sending and printing out emails – it’s all taken care of. You’ll also gain invaluable and actionable insights from enhanced analytics.

Having your documents managed in this way is also a huge innovation for your record-keeping. With companies being audited all the time, your data management integrator can provide back-up documentation for everything from proof of delivery to who’s signing what orders.

6. Giving “one-touch” capability to your patients

Automated text messaging. Easier scheduling. Seeing photos of their providers. Auto signing on their phone. Direct shipping and much more. Your patients will love the convenience onboarding presents to them. And you’ll appreciate the many ways onboarding will help you cultivate a better relationship with your patients.

Getting onboard with the latest innovations isn’t the future. It’s now.

To learn more about the onboarding process and how quickly it can transform your business, contact Brightree today to speak with a team member or to schedule a demo.

Jessica Dillon

Jessica Dillon
Program Manager, Business Development

Jessica currently serves as Program Manager of Business Development, focusing on Strategic Partner integrations and initiatives. With an extensive background in operations, customer service, project management and business relationships. Her career spans across the healthcare technology, and IT service management industries, and in her current role at Brightree, she focuses on strategic partnership integrations for business development. Jessica has a passion for using her broad range of skills and experience to create efficiency and to bring value to clients and business partners.

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